Bugs Be Gone Botanical Body Oil
Bugs Be Gone Botanical Body Oil

Bugs Be Gone Botanical Body Oil

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Embark on bug-free adventures with Bugs Be Gone, the best-smelling HERBAL OIL Insect Repellent! Experience the freedom of outdoor living with the help of nature's most potent bug deterrents. This herb-infused oil is effective even against sand mites. 

Bugs Be Gone  is a must-have companion for camping trips, picnics, outdoor gatherings, and even simple moments of relaxation in nature. Layer it with Bugs Be Gone Spray for even more protection.

  • Catnip, known for its natural bug-repelling properties, forms the foundation of this remarkable oil. Its enchanting fragrance is a bane to mosquitoes and other bothersome bugs, ensuring they keep their distance.
  • Pennyroyal, a time-honored insect deterrent, joins the fray with its refreshing and minty scent. Bugs Be Gone harnesses the strength of Pennyroyal to give you added protection against flying and crawling insects. It is also used to keep fleas away from household animals.
  • Eucalyptus Citriodora brings its lemony freshness to the mix, further deterring insects with its clean and invigorating scent. This oil not only shields you from bugs but also adds a refreshing touch to your outdoor experience.
  • Rosemary, a cherished herb in aromatherapy, lends its soothing properties to the blend. Its woody, camphorous aroma not only acts as a bug deterrent but also calms the mind and spirit, allowing you to enjoy nature to the fullest.
  • Petitgrain, derived from the bitter orange tree, adds a unique citrus note  to the repellent. Its uplifting scent enhances your mood, while keeping unwelcome bugs away.
  • Lemongrass, with its zesty and vibrant aroma, is an age-old insect repellent. It adds a lively twist to the blend.
  • Citronella, renowned for its bug-fighting prowess, forms a potent part of this oil. Its sharp, lemon-like aroma creates a barrier against mosquitoes and sandmites, safeguarding your moments of leisure.
  • Peppermint not only delights your senses with its minty-fresh scent but also acts as a potent insect repellent. Its cooling properties are perfect for warmer days when bugs tend to be most active.
  • Geranium brings its floral charm to the mix, elevating the aroma while effectively deterring bugs. Its natural fragrance keeps you protected while exuding a sense of elegance.