Liquid Light Botanical Body Oil

Liquid Light Botanical Body Oil

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Uplift your vibration, protect your energy and dispel negative vibes with this herb and resin-infused body oil that’s an absolute treat for the senses and Spirit. A blend of Dalmatian Sage, Frankincense, French Lavender, Cedarwood, and Myrrh– Liquid Light has a grounding and uplifting effect. Just like all our body products, it has a unique and beautifully layered aroma. All of our Botanical Body Oils are made with light, non-comedogenic base oils that are infused with wildcrafted herbs such as Calendula and Immortelle. Just imagine how much nourishment this oil can provide for your skin! 

This is the Body Oil version of the Liquid Light Botanical Spray.

Luxuriate in this body oil as a post-shower moisturizer, or use it as an anointing oil any time of the day. 

We highly recommend using this blend before meditation, or whenever you would like to set up a sacred space for yourself or with others.